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Adolescent Care Specialist

Associates in Family Medicine

Michelle Hamidi, MD

Family Medicine Physician & Weight Loss & Aesthetic Specialist located in Clairemont, San Diego, CA

Teens need special care due to the enormous changes occurring during adolescence. Dr. Michelle Hamidi and the team at Associates in Family Medicine in Clairemont, San Diego, California are sympathetic to the challenges teens face, and they provide adolescent care with compassion and insight. Call or click today to book a wellness exam or to treat a condition.

Adolescent Care

  • Adolescent care involves understanding the changes in the physical, mental, and emotional health of a child as he/she transitions into adulthood. Our goal here at Associates in Family Medicine is to offer medical services, education, and resources to the adolescent child and their families. The adolescent years can be difficult and parents need to be aware that their children are at the cusp of entering a world where they need to make good choices and healthy lifestyles. Establishing a good foundation based on knowledge and discussion of current issues is important to get your adolescent safely through these challenging years.

It’s tough being a teenager! Their body doesn’t look or do what it used to and their hormone levels are changing so that a confident child may evolve into a self-conscience adolescent. In many ways, physical health needs are easy to understand, explain, and treat. Emotional and social needs often need to be discussed before a plan of action can be established. At Dr. Michelle Hamidi’s office, all visits are confidential: words spoken between you and your doctor stay between you and your doctor.

What Today’s Teenagers Face

Some issues which adolescents face today include:

  • changes in body appearance and function
  • unrealistic body-type expectations from media
  • questionable social-expectations from peers
  • relentless negative-input from social media
  • pressures from family to “grow up” quickly
  • pre-marital sex, contraception, and teenage pregnancy
  • alcohol consumption, recreational drug experimentation, and sports enhancing supplements
  • anxiety from first relationship, first job, learning to drive, and college applications
  • feelings of isolation, withdrawal, depression, and suicide


Confidential Adolescent Care

Adolescent care is a very important part of our office; we are here for you and your family. Some of the services we offer include:

General Physical Health & Nutrition:
Physicals, wellness exams, treatment of minor illnesses & injuries, assessment & treatment of eating disorders and nutritional concerns.

Mental Health: 
Emotional well being, stress management, drug & alcohol usage education.

Sexual Health: 
Pubertal development, sexual identity, STDs & HIV education, sexuality education, contraception, and menstrual health.

Dermatologic Health: 
Acne, skin conditions, warts, eczema, and burns.

Please Contact us if you or your teenager have questions or need someone to talk to. We have a strict privacy policy and issues discussed between doctor and patient are strictly confidential.