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Immigration Exams Specialist

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Michelle Hamidi, MD

Family Medicine Physician & Weight Loss & Aesthetic Specialist located in Clairemont, San Diego, CA

Are you worried about your immigration medical exam, needed to become a permanent resident of the United States? Michelle Hamidi, MD, at Associates in Family Medicine in Clairemont, San Diego has extensive experience performing these types of exams and has officially been designated Civil Surgeon for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) since 2001. Call or make an appointment online today to schedule your immigration physical exam.

Immigration Exams

What is an immigration physical exam?

Part of the process of immigration into the United States is a physical exam that screens you for certain health issues. Only a doctor designated by USCIS such as Dr. Hamidi can officially conduct this exam. She has successfully provided immigration exams for thousands of applicants and can answer your questions about the process, leaving you less nervous and more prepared.

What should I bring to my immigration physical exam?

You need to bring your medical, vaccination, and immunization records, as well as your passport, Form I-693, and, if you have a chronic or serious medical or mental health condition, you need records to prove that the condition is under control.

What is Form I-693?

Form I-693 is a medical evaluation and immunization records report. Most applicants filing for adjustment of status to be lawful permanent residents must submit this medical form, completed by a designated civil surgeon. The form is used to report results of a medical examination to USCIS and verify you don’t have a public health issue that would prevent you from becoming a lawful U.S. citizen. Do not sign the report before coming to your appointment.

What vaccinations do I need?

You must have the following age-appropriate vaccinations:

  • Diphtheria
  • Tetanus
  • Pertussis
  • Polio
  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • Rubella
  • Rotavirus
  • Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib)
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Meningococcal disease
  • Varicella
  • Pneumococcal disease
  • Influenza

If you need any of the following vaccines, visit a county immunization office for low-cost vaccines. The closest one to our office is:

San Diego County North Central Regional Center

    5055 Ruffin Road

    San Diego, CA 92123

    Phone: (858) 573-7300

What should I do after the immigration medical exam?

After your examination, Dr. Hamidi completes the form, signs it, and places the original documents in a sealed envelope. You then must submit the documents as directed in the form. Our office sends you a copy of the form for your records. Dr. Hamidi reports your health and weighs in on any conditions that may affect your citizenship eligibility, but it is up to the USCIS to make the final decision on your citizenship status.

For more information about getting an immigration medical exam or to schedule one, call or make an appointment online today.


Forms & Procedures:

Please visit the USCIS website to understand the procedures prior to coming to your appointment. Depending on your situation, you may need to fill out form I-693 and bring it to the doctor’s office on your appointment date. Form I-693 needs to be signed in front of your doctor: do not sign it before coming to your appointment. After your examination, the doctor will complete the form and placed the original documents in a sealed envelope. Do not open the sealed envelope; you will get copies of the forms for your own records.

Get instructions and Forms:


Immunization & Testing Requirements:

Adults (15 years and up):
    • Tuberculosis
    • Tetanus Booster (within 10 years)
    • MMR
    • Syphilis

Children (2 years and up) :
    • Tuberculosis
    • ALL school-required childhood immunizations

Vaccinations are available low-cost at the county immunizations offices.
The closest one to our office is:
    San Diego County North Central Regional Center
    5055 Ruffin Road
    San Diego, CA 92123
    phone: (858) 573 7300

For additional information on immunizations, please go to: